XMR30S Rouleau

Technical Specifications

Main technical specifications unit XMR30S
Operating weight kg 3272
Static linear load(front/rear) N/cm 125/148
Speed km/h 0-10
Gradeability % 30
min turning radius (L/R) mm 2800/4400
min ground clearance mm 320
wheel base mm 1800
steering angle 30
swing angle 10
vibration frequency Hz 52
vibration system max pressure Mpa 18
steering system max pressure Mpa 16
nominal amplitude mm 0.4
centrifugal force KN 27
compacting mm 1200
drum diameter mm 750
Engine model Detuz F2L2011
Rated speed r/min 2600
Rated power kw 22
Overall dimensions mm 2725*1340*3000
Rated oil wear g/kw.h 235
Fuel tank capacity L 55
Hydraulic tank capacity L 80
Sprinkler capacity L 150
& Due to improvements made to the product, data herein is subject to change without notice.
& Affected by the reproduction conditions, the pictures and data differ somewhat from the actual machine

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